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SIMPLE: Terms of Use/Copyright Notice

1.1 All apps (unless specified) are owned by Professional Arts Group.

1.2 All apps are used by the users freewill and they are therefore responsible for the propper use of the apps in the Only app store.

1.3 The Only app store has not been licensed by Google Inc.

1.4 The Only app store and apps are updated by the creator Professional Arts Group and will be updated depending on sed party.

1.5 Professional Arts will not use any user data unless specified in the app description

1.6 Professional Arts cannot be held responsible for the quality of app service which is undertaken by a third party ( Besttoolbars)

1.7 Professional Arts cannot be held responsible for anything undertaken by  Besttoolbars

1.8 Professional Arts cannot guarantee the same quality with all apps

1.9 Professional Arts holds the right to delete and modify the apps and website in any way it seems fit

2.0 Professional Arts will not publish anything deemed to infringe the 1998 Human Rights Act (UK)

2.1 Android, Android figure, Google logo are © Google Inc

2.2 Professional Arts is © Professional Arts Group 2013