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Only Uniongamers HD (App)

Version 0.6

YouTube Spotlight (App)

Version 0.1

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This application uses adds to generate revenue.


Frontier XB (Game)


This game is owned by Encorus Home Entertainment Inc. trading as VEA Peak Group

Copyright © Encorus Home Entertainment Inc.

Licensed to Professional Arts Group

All apps are developed by Professional Arts App Studio (PAAS) unless stated.

Copyright © Professional Arts Group 2013

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Update 2.2

- Update to appearance of Only Uniongamers app

Update 2.1

- Only Uniongamers HD app now incorporates the Uniongamers HD + channel as well

- Only Extra app is discontinued

- UGN TV app is discontinued

Update 2.0

- All logos updated to new format

Update 1.9

- Only Uniongamers HD app is released as an update of the Only 1HD app

Update 1.8

- Only 1HD app is made unavailable indefinitely

- Pro Journal is taken offline

Update 1.7

- Home Entertainment updated with content

Update 1.6

- Pro Journal and Home Entertainment page added

Update 1.5

- Channel logo updates

Update 1.4

- New Extra logo applied

- YouTube Spotlight app added to app list

Update 1.3

- New toolbar

- Website updated

Update 1.2

- Prof Arts Only App Store and Prof Arts Select app are broken until further notice

- Website is now fully updated

Update 1.1

- Broken link to Only 1HD app fixed

- New 1HD logo applied

- Prof Arts Only App Store added to apps list

- 1HD and Extra apps have been updated

- UGN TV app added to app list

- Prof arts Select app added to app list

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